Thursday, September 8, 2011

cool morning breeze

It ain't summer anymore.  In the last week I have had a fast transition back to the life of a student.  It's like running full on into waste deep water. School is full on and all structured training has screeched to a halt   It's hard not to notice, and it feels significant.  My non cycling friends even comment that I have become "more human".

   Instead of squeezing in academia, I am now trying to squeeze in some physical activity. More than half my saddle time right now is just riding to and from the University campus.  Speaking of which, I just had a refreshingly crisp ride to school this morning.  Just one more reminder that summer is closing fast.  It makes me wonder; Does school begin because summer ends? Or, does summer end because school begins?

That's just way too deep for me.

Now that I am "commuting", I also think about bicycles in a different way.  For instance.  What if bicycles where like cars?  As a societal institution.  What if everyione rode every day?  I imagine there would be regulations and conventions, much like cars.  In particular I am thinking of the controlled infrastructure commonly reffered to as roads.

If everyone rode every day, there would be considerable bicycle traffic.  With so many people on the roads it would be necissary, from a safety perspective, to regulate the rate of locomotion.  AKA speedl-limits.  Just like with cars, this would be accomplished by posting maximum and minimum speed limits in different areas.  Imagine the bicycle version of residentials, freeways, highways and schoolzones.  Unlike with cars the minimum speed would need to be enforced with greater regularity.  It would be very dangerouse and inconvenient for someone to be traveling less than half the speed on the "freeway".

On the freeway I expect it would not be possible to ride much longer than 2 minutes by yourself.  For extended highspeed travel it would be necissary to band together with a group of mates and "carpool".  Or in this reality, economize your metabolisms.  Imagine a group of one-hundred comuters roaring down the freeway at >50km/hr...      BLISS.

Training shall be based solely on feel,

while racing shall be guided by sensations and instinct.

Cuylar Conly

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