Saturday, June 26, 2010

National Champs Individual Time Trial

After visiting Saskatoon for a couple Days I am back on the road.  I drove with Team Saskatchewan to Edmonton for the Elite Canadian Cycling Championships.  Brad Kerr and Brad Clifford picked me up in Saskatoon, Andrea Bunnin met us in Edmonton and Chris McGarity is arriving later today.  Team Saskatchewan has set us up with the rock-star accommodations with 6 double beds booked for 5 people.  Being able to roll over is awesome.

As a Team we have decided that Edmonton is the most confusing city ever.  When we arrived, we got lost, found the hotel, got lost on the way to Devon, pre-rode the TT course, got lost on the way to registration, got lost going to the hotel, got lost going out for dinner.  Everything we did we got lost.  Edmonton is very confusing.  Then we hit the sac.

Due to the nature of our travel constraints all of Team Sask had to mobilize in the morning.  Although the men did not race until one, we all had to go for the morning when Andrea was racing.  This was for the best, I prefer to be very early.  It was good to be very relaxed and have lots of time to sort everything out.  I got the chance to ride along in the Sask Van and follow Andrea during her Time Trial.  Following her individual effort was very exciting, and an excellent mental distraction.

T-minus 1hour 30min.  Time to get my act together.  Gather equipment.  Set the bike up.  Get changed. Warm-up.  Focus.
Ten Minutes.  Bike Check.  Sit in the pen.
1 minute. On the start line.  Breath.  Set stop watch.

The Elite pro Men Individual Time Trial, a 42km solo effort.  Aerodynamics.  Cadence.  power.  The concept is simple, ride at your physical limit until you cross the finish line.  The execution is what determines your time.

I had a solid ride.  I kept my legs turning for 54min30seconds.  I was immediately pleased with how I rode.  for Time trials greater than 30km this was a knew personal best speed.  It is good to confirm that I am incrementally becoming faster.  I felt I was near my limit the entire race.  No mater how I placed I knew I gave my best TT of the year.

I later found out that I placed 28th in the pro Men.  This was a good sign,  looking through the results I could see that I placed higher than many very fast cyclists.  I also beat out many riders who have beaten me earlier in the year.
 When I found the separated Under 23 results I was elated to see that I had placed 9th.  I did not know what to expect from my first time racing the National Championships.  Finishing as the 9th place Under 23 rider exceeded my expectations, and raised my aspirations.  I can and I will compete at this level.

 Sven Tuft won the pro mens Championship in a mind bending time of 48min setting a blistering pace of 52km/hr.  This was 2 minutes faster than second place.  Respect!

Tomorrow I will race the pro mens Road Race Championships.  Our 180km race starts at 1pm and will finish at about 5pm.  The race course is up and down the river valley around Hawrelak park.  This will be another entirely knew challenge.  Once again I look to exceed what is expected of me.

 Training shall be based solely on feel,
while racing shall be guided by sensations and instinct.

Cuylar Conly

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  1. Great effort Cuylar! Likewise the rest of the crew there, please pass along my best wishes as you guys all rip it up tomorow at the RR.