Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The 14 Day Work Week

And why I have not Posted.

I believe that everyone out there is familiar with the 14 day work week.  I think that at some Point everyone experiences this Phenomenon.  You know the case.  It's crunch time, and you find yourself working long days everyday for 2 weeks.  Well the last two weeks have been my 14 day Work week.  

I have been working "crunch time" help at the University Bookstore.  This amounts to 40 hours a week until September 17th.  (I still have 2 full days remaining.)  On it's own this is not so bad.  However, two weeks ago Fall Term classes have started of which I have five this semester.  I have begun life-guarding as well.  To tally this up I am working full time at the bookstore, we can agree that 5 classes is a full time job, and I am life-guarding part time.  This is the equivalent of double and a half.  Needless to say I am attempting to train for the Huskies X-country running team.  

perhaps I do too much. C'est la vie.

Aside from the general disorganization, stack of loose paper on my desk, to do list, laundry, lack of hygiene, and lack of sleep  it seems to be going all right.  I only have two days left of this. 

Although this weekend the $-17 is gonna hit the fan, I think I can pull out on top.  By Sunday night pulling out on top will constitute having a fatter wallet, being on par with course work, eliminating the above disorganization, not getting fat, and having a good night sleep.  I will let you know how it goes.

 This week, Its All About Da Bones.

Cuylar Conly


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