Saturday, September 25, 2010

Genaric Tough Guy Conditioning.

As a full time student, I am mostly on top of my academic game.  The trade of here is that I have become "fat, and slow".  Currently this is not a huge tragedy.  It is the beginnings of the "off" season, I am studying full time, and I feel entitled to pumpkin pie.  Yet as an elite athlete I know that an "off" season is somewhat of a fallacy.  So in order to compensate for being a slow, fat, pie chomping bookworm I will begin an athletic program of Generic Tough Guy Conditioning.

One may ask, what constitutes Generic Tough Guy Conditioning.  In order to properly explain we must first define the terms.

Generic - non specific.  Zefram Chochrane once said,  "Don't try to be a great man, just be a man."  This quote can be modified for Generic conditioning. "Don't try to be a cyclist, just be an athlete."  The off season is the perfect time for this.  Workouts needn't be specific to cycling, they need only improve your fitness in a well rounded manner.

Conditioning - to prepare for a desired state of being.  To build the tallest pyramid one must have the broadest base.  an athlete must also have a broad base.  A cyclist requires a specific skill set, but an elite athlete requires a wide range of tools to develop their abilities.  Conditioning will develop the bases for strength, power, flexibility, speed, endurance, kinetic awareness and reaction timing.

Tough Guy - Workouts will be inspired by Rocky Balboa and Corey Borolien.

Rocky Balboa

Corey Borolien
No footage available.  Corey is far too intense. You can't handle it.

principles of the Generic Tough Guy Conditioning program.

 - Cardio is key. I will be training with the Huskies Cross Country and Track teams.  However all forms of cardio are acceptable.
Running (in sand, in snow, up mountains)
swimming (butterfly is preferred)
cycling (in all forms, duh)
escaping KGB
 chasing chickens

- Core Training.  This cannot be under estimated.  To be a tough guy is to do more sit-ups than is humanly possible.  To be truly tough one should receive gut punches while working the abdominal muscles and/or perform all exercises inverted.

- Flexibility, Tough guys understand the importance of YOGA.  But to a tough guy it is simply called stretching and there is no need to pay for it.

-Strength,  tough guys are strong.  You know this. Endorsed activities include,
Weight Lifting (Free weights only)
Lifting in general
Logs, rocks, chains, people, The more unconventional the better.
pulling things, tires, sleds, cars, farm equipment.

-power. Strength is nothing without speed.

See Strength building activities, then do them faster.
Also include, chopping wood, cutting down trees, throwing large rocks.

Once the condition is established specific preparation can begin.  Then fight the Russian, take the title, go ten rounds, be a rock. Whatever, be tough.

 Training shall be based solely on feel,
while racing shall be guided by sensations and instinct.

Cuylar Conly

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