Monday, May 17, 2010

Rest Day Too DoO's

As a cyclist you live a life of neglect.  Every day tasks take a back seat to training/recovery, add in a part time job and almost nothing ever gets done.  Laundry is never ending, dishes stack up, food stores dwindle, and the bedroom can be referred to as ground zero.  The little extra`s also stack up each week.  With the world being run on the 9-5 it requires a game plan in order to get out and run errands. 
Equal to training hard is to recover, part of the standard training week is to ensure that you have one day of rest. (ie, don`t ride more than 1hr) This day of rest comes with a little more time on your hands.  Extra time equals neglect management as I attempt to catch up on some Too Do`s.  Often to accommodate training it is more convenient to have a "rest day" on a day when I have to work.  The unfortunate side affect is that this takes up the majority of the day and limits the amount of neglect management that I can accomplish.  On occasion it works out that my rest day is on a day when I do not work.  On a day such as this I can try to make good on the forgotten tasks only to realize what "tip of the iceberg" means.

Next weekend Team Westwood/Cannondale is going to Washington State for the Enumclaw Stage Race.  This race is three stages over 2 days.  Saturday morning is a 10km ITT, Saturday Evening is a 60min Criterium, and Sunday is a 115km road race.  I have been training hard for the past couple weeks.  I am anxious to race, the form will be on and I plan to light it up.

  Training shall be based solely on feel,
while racing shall be guided by sensations and instinct.

Cuylar Conly

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