Monday, May 10, 2010

Ready, 60km as hard as you can.... .... .... GO!

Yesterday, I was very tired.  I fell asleep before my head hit the pillow.  The reason behind this is two Time Trials totaling 60km in one day.  The Devo Warp-speed Time Trial consisted of a 20km pan flat route, out and back along Zero Ave. inches from the American boarder.

The First Race was a 20km individual Time Trial.  Unlike a road race or criterium there is no mass start for a time trial, peloton, and no drafting.  Each racer starts individually, drafting off of other racers is not allowed and therefore the effort is 100% individual both physically and mentally.  Your result is dictated entirely by your own strength and motivation.  When all racers have completed the course they are placed in order based on thier individual time.
I am once again satisfied with my individual race.  I am glad to see that my race-pace is increasing.  I completed the course in a time of 26min and 28sec.  .  My time was good for 9th place.  I was hoping to land in the top five, but after finishing I guessed that the winning time would be 1min faster than me.  I was right, and therefor finish in 9th.

We had little over an hour break before the next race.  The next race was a 40km Team Time Trial.  Teams of four riders work together to complete two laps of the course.  Team mates are allowed to draft one another.  This allows 3 team mates to rest while one breaks the wind ahead of them, much like geese flying south.  The finishing time is recorded when the 3rd team mate crosses the line therefore teams must remain together and weaker riders may have to rest more often.
With all racers having just completed an individual time trial it would make it difficult to ride a very fast pace.  Team Westwood/Cannondale p/b Vision Sports consisted of Scott Laliberte, Kent McKinnon, Sam Loud, and yours truly.  after 2 km we found a rhythm and our train chugged away.  Cross-headwind going out, cross-tailwind on the way back.  The fatigue from the individual races was apparent.  Before half way our foursome became a threesome.  This increased the workload and decreased the rest time.  Also it was now very important to keep the remaining three together.  The remaining three members of Westwood/Cannondale finnished the 40km in a time of 52min 13sec.  This time would put us in second place, a good result.  Showing that as a team we can put our minds to an effort.

It was now just about 2 o'clock.  The true fatigue had not yet set in.  After racing that much at threshold your metabolism rivals the best nuclear power plant.  Although you are fatigued, you are not yet tired.  So we did an easy spin 8km into town for a Tim's stop.  We loaded the Van and then filled into the cottage grid lock going back into Vancouver.

 Training shall be based solely on feel,
while racing shall be guided by sensations and instinct.

Cuylar Conly

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