Monday, July 26, 2010

A crushing Loss

I am laying on the couch. Trying to remain as still as possible, and slowly typing with just my left hand. I now have some thinking time. I am pondering what exactly is luck. What makes the difference between lucky and unlucky. There has been an event which inspires this deep think, and questions the definitions of luck fate and destiny.

Yesterday I was struck by a car at high speed. I had completed my morning training and was on my way to work. Ironically I had chosen to avoid the highway and take secondary arteries. I was struck from my right side. By all accounts I should be dead. I was taken by ambulance to Royal Colombian Hospital and admitted into the trauma ward. X-ray's and CT scans reviled only a broken clavicle. A physical examination discovered lacerations to my back.

Miraculously I have no head injury, no spinal injury, no internal trauma and I am alive. I received 27 stitches for the cut to my back. My arm is currently in a sling and I am scheduled to try for surgery tomorrow. The doctors will plate the bone. This should accelerate the healing and help prevent deformity.

On the side, my bike is no longer a bike. AND I was released from the hospital with no clothes. Big thanks to The McKinnons for picking me up, and big thanks to JJ for making me dinner.

I am not sure when I will be back in action. pray for sooner than later. I think provincials is out of the question. perhaps some cyclocross or xc running in the fall.

Training shall be based solely on feel,
while racing shall be guided by sensations and instinct.

Cuylar Conly

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