Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Far too good at walking

Chris McGarity once explained to me that one of the marks of a good cyclist is being a very poor walker.  As One becomes fitter and more skilled at racing a bike, the properties of ones right foot approach those of the left foot. When One is infinitely fit, one will truly have two left feet.  This is a brilliant contradiction of body coordination.  It can be observed that a cyclist capable of maneuvering in a tight pack of 60-100 racers going at 50km/hr, will find it impossible to walk down the street without stumbling at least once every 2 minutes.
Further I would like to cite the extreme detriment to ones style that is unavoidable while walking.  Whether this style detriment stems from the stumbling or is inherent in the act of walking is open to interpretation.  Never the less OREC clearly adresses the fail that is walking, "25. Any physical activity other than cycling is STRONGLY FROWNED UPON. This includes any form of running or swimming and their derivatives (this includes walking). The ONLY TWO other sports with a recognized degree of euro are: cross-country skiing and long track speed skating."
What I am trying to get at, is that in the past two weeks I have become far too good at walking.  As a result my fitness, style and composure have suffered.  It is only February, and all is not lost.  Over the couple weeks I will build my fitness,  I am living at top a 5 km climb, so I simply have to make it home every day to be stronger.  My composure will return with time spent on the bike, where I will look only to the finish line.  As for my style, I currently have no social life so this is not an issue.  However, style comes from what you do when no one is looking, so I will strive to increase my style (by walking less).

On Sunday I was introduced to the "vets" ride.  It is essentially the local hard ride, much like our Tuesday nighters back home.  There where 60 ppl out for this ride.  I was very impressed.  We rode hard and I was pleased to find that I was at an acceptable level of fitness.  The next day I went for a little ride and I was feeling it in the legs.  So I still have work to do, but this is an easy fix.  Just ride more.
I bought a knew cell phone yesterday.  It is rogers, and my knew number is 1-778-788-6940.  I got a pay as you go plan that I ca n shuffle a bit if need be.  I also am off to a job interview shortly so wish me luck.

Training shall be based solely on feel,
while racing shall be guided by sensations and instinct.


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