Saturday, February 20, 2010

Olympic Adventures

Well, I have completed my week at the Olympics.  I have seen men's and women's Hockey, Ladies Long track 500, men's short program figure skating (very cool), women's curling, and women's aerial skiing (amazing).  I also got to take in a medal ceremony where Canada was presented Gold for women's boarder cross, that was absolutely a highlight.  I saw paul Brant in concert, and although I am not a country fan he was good.  I also got to see Said the Whale in concert, they were very good. 
Now my Olympic adventures are over and I have moved into Scott and Sara's.  Getting here is once again worthy of being called a journey.  
On Friday my family flew home (except Dad, he is still officiating).  I still had tickets for aerials ski jumping at this point, and I planned to hook up with Shay Crawford for this event.  That afternoon I set out to find Shay.  The pieces eventually fell together and I found Shay at his sisters house.  Coral and Karina had graciously allowed their house to be turned into a hostel.  The basement suite was occupied by the two ladies and Shay, his friend Nick and Myself.  Upon my arrival It was proclaimed,  "Hey, lets all go skiing."  So we went to mount Seymour to do some night time snowboarding.  This was the Last thing that I expected to be doing when I woke up that morning.
Shay traded me a lift ticket and a rental board in exchange for his Olympic Ticket and to my stunned elation I was on the side of a mountain snowboarding.   I must say, the sunset and the city lights from the top of mount Seymour are just beyond words.  Absolutely an amazing time.
The Ariel Skiing was on Saturday morning, and required that we take an Olympic shuttle bus to the mountain at 750 am.  This required that we would have to get up at 6 am.  Like the responsible young adults we are we planned a night on the town, which we then executed.  The next morning with about 3 hours of sleep Shay and I rolled out of bed, got some egg McMuffins and boarded the train.
Arial Skiing was Unbelievable.  The amplitude and the tricks were just crazy.  Very good event.
 After the event we crawled back to Shay's sister's place as the Transit system seemed to be caving in all around us.  Lines were backing up to two hours or more just to board the train.  And it wold only get worse all night.
After a quick nap I packed my things to head to port moody.  I had the intention of leaving down town by 430. but the world had other plans.  The Trains where horrendously clogged.  They could not handle this amount of people.  Rather than wait 2 hours to get on the train I worked my way down town with a combination of walking and buses. Trying to leave down town wasn't happening either.  Buses and trains were so full that they just kept going.  After watching the bus and the train go by with people almost hanging out the windows I realised I would not be getting back in a timely manner.
As luck would have it, I ran into Chris McGarity.  We killed some time wandering down town Vancouver, where every street is a mosh pit.  Then when I finally saw bus that I could get on I dove for it.  Rode out to port Coquitlam.  Then waiting for the local bus, It also drove strait by.  But I was saved by the wonders of meeting a complete stranger who also missed the same bus.  We chatted, and then he decided he would call his wife to pick us up, and take us to the suburbs.  Hooray, I was saved, and back at home by 930.

The Olympics are over for me, I just built my bike, now I am exhausted and its time for bed.


  1. All I can say is wow!! love mom

  2. Well done for the start of your adventure. Keep up with the blog - I am enjoying reading your take on your West Coast Experience.