Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shouldn't I be Training?

Saskatchewan is in the Deep Freeze!  Full on record breaking snow and ice for this time of year.  It is beyond bundle up cold.  I feel like I have to wear a space suite to go outside.  This makes riding my bicycle a bit of a challenge.  With lots of mandatory down time, coming home feels like a vacation.

 Down time seems to be just what I need. physically, mentally and logistically.  Sleeping on an air mattress for two months and driving across the continent sure does a number on you.  I can`t tell you how glad I am to be in a real bed every night.  Logistically It is far too cold to train outdoors so my focus has shifted a couple days from pedals to the dreaded to-do list.  This list contains some real whoppers and seems to be growing twice as fast as I can knock it down.  The current big fish include finding a place to live and a Job in Ottawa.

Other than that I am really glad to be home to see my friends and family.  I was able to make it home in time for my mothers 50th birthday.  This was a great time with family.  It felt just like Christmas because we had a chance for the whole family to be together for a couple days.  Happy Birthday Mom.  Now with everyone back to business and my feet up in the air, I wonder I f I havn`t become some sort of vagrant liability.  Then I get motivated to tackle my own business.

The lack of riding just seems to bring my energy down.  When you go from 25+hrs a week to a "home-cacation"  the body says great lets sleep all day.  It's like classic vacation syndrome where the more you sit around the more you just can't get up.  I am constantly assured that rest is good, but I also can't help the thought, "Shouldn't I be training?"  Then again shouldn't it be spring time already?  Bah,  maybe I will just clean something.

 Training shall be based solely on feel,
while racing shall be guided by sensations and instinct.

Cuylar Conly

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  1. have you not decided on a place in Ottawa? Did my suggestion not work out? Have not heard from you or Wallen. Glad to hear you were able to celebrate your mother's big number. I know she was very happy to have you home.
    Love your blogs....so interesting to follow.