Thursday, March 3, 2011

All Things Come to an End

I have made it home safe and sound.  Julia Garnet and I drove non-stop from Tucson to Saskatoon in 30.5 hours.  Impressive if I do say so myself.  I am glad to say that the drive is over.  I am more than certain that road trips, although worth while, cannot be good for your health.  In the last 30 hours I was seated 95% of the time and my diet consisted primarily of nayonnaise and chocolate coffee beans.  And now, it is over.

Also over is my time in Tucson.  I had quality weather.  I had quality training.  And, I had quality adventures.  In  two months I rode over 4,100 kilometers, climbed over 36000m and got my tan on in a big way.  I would even consider myself spoiled by the warm weather.  I feel like I have come home to an absolute deep freeze.  If I intend to train over the next few weeks I am in for a healthy dose of HTFU.  The fourteen day trend predicts highs between -8C and -18C.  I cannot wait for that to come to an end.

Just like my drive and my life in Tucson, I supose that my daily posts will also come to an end.  It's hard to believe but I have made one post a day for two months.  This was never something that I planned to do.  Rather it is something that I just began, and continued, and now have finished.  Sometimes writing was just something to do.  Sometimes thinking of a post was a chore or a challenge.  Most of all, I enjoyed flexing my literary brain waves to maintain this personal web-log.  Furthermore, in some strange way I enjoy that it is anonymously read.  For some reason you all keep coming back for more.  I hope that it is more than just frequency, because now that I am home the posting will have a more casual regularity.  I still intend to keep the world updated on any noteworthy action or opinions that come through my life.

Thanks for reading.
Thanks for giving me reason to write.

Cuylar Conly

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