Monday, July 11, 2011

FOR SALE Time Trial Triathlon Bike

2011 Marinoni Rewind Time Trial & Triathlon Bike
Ideal for Triathlon or other timed solo events.   This bike has been used for two months.  This is your chance to for fall pricing in the middle of summer.  On display at Fresh Air Experience (1291 Wellington).

Handmade Carbon Fiber Frame, Size Small (53cm, fits 5'8"-6'0")
Ultegra deraleures
Dura-ace shift levers
FSA Gossamer TT crankset
Deda Elementi cockpit
Fulcrum Racing 5 wheels

Retails for $4200
Used for $3000


  1. Marinoni does not make carbon bikes. Never have, never will. These are generic Chinese frames, repainted and re-branded by a jaded and disgruntled Italian in a Montreal suburb.

  2. Hey Bikesnob. Thanks for hating. chose whatever brand you like but just don't take it out on me. I'm trying to sell this bike. And for the record, all carbon comes from Asia.

  3. "Calling out" is different from "hating". If you are going to overcharge people for a generic chinese rig, you better be prepared to get called out. Please stop posting this on TriRudy every day. People are not buying it because it is $1000 overpriced.

  4. Hey man. Last Time I checked Tri-Rudy was an open forum community newsletter. Where everyone is entitled to post anything they wish to share as often as they like.