Monday, July 11, 2011


Last week I came across a BIG opportunity.  I have been invited to attend the Tour of Guadeloupe as a member of a Canadian composite Team.  A composite team is one that only exists for a couple of events in the year.  Rather than have a contracted roster and staff, a composite team will "borrow" from other teams in order to attend big events world wide. I have been invited to join the composite Team 1% for the planet.

This is a huge opportunity to attend an international Stage race.  The race is August 5th -14th, and will cover 1197km in ten days of racing.  It is a UCI 1.1 Event and will feature many top professionals from South America, Caribbean and France.  A project of this magnitude guarantees the race fees, accommodation, ground support, meals and staff for the entire composite Team.  The only cost left to the athlete is that of airfare.  Unfortunately this is the biggest obstacle I face to attend this race.

This is how it breaks down.  Th advertised cost of airfare is $1100-$1200,  After tax this will be closer to $1500.  Then there are bike fees to consider.  The bike fees are an area where airlines really take a gouge.  It will cost me $250 each way to transport my bicycle, for a total of $500 just in bike fees.  The Estimated cost to the athlete is just under $2000.  That's a daunting figure for someone who's monthly budget is less than $700.

It is frustrating to think that dollar bills are the ultimate limiter.  Since I received the invite last Wednesday all of my spare time has gone into the penny hunt.  I have balanced and re-balanced the books.  And I am grasping at any and all strings that I can think of.  As it stands I have secured 45% of the associated travel costs.  By my best estimates I need to arrange at least another 25%.  Time is running short, and decisions will have to be made.  For the next week I know exactly what my spare time will be used for.

To compete in a National Tour would be a great honour,
I would love to contest this race.

Cuylar Conly

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