Thursday, March 11, 2010

Days of Dedication

The hardest Days are the days that I have to work.  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.  I work 930-6.  Now don't get me wrong.  Cap's west wood is a good place to work.  I am glad to be working at a bike shop, and I am very appreciative that they hire me fully willing to accommodate a busy race schedule.   The difficulty is more to do with the time of year.  Both seasonally and what the target of training is at this time.

This is the time for me to be targeting large volume.  Working all day means it is impossible to train during the day. Furthermore, it is Dark by 6pm, making it unsafe to ride after work.  And so, the alarm rings at 6am.  I lay there for a moment, quite uncomfortable with being awake.  I then remind myself why I am here, what is my purpose.  Then I roll out of bed and go for a ride, within minutes of being on the road I am glad to be alive.

Following this pattern I have been able to ride at least 2 hours before work.  This week, however, mother nature has bent her will to try my dedication.
This is what I awoke to both yesterday and today.
With this weather.  At six in the morning.  It is not healthy, mentally or physically, to ride in this.  The solution is a tool that I did not expect to use once I moved to BC.  Rollers.  Mother nature may have kept me indoors, but at the very least I could spin the legs before and after work.  Although some may consider it defeat to be forced indoors, I do not feel lessened by the conceding a couple days to the snow.  In what I consider an inspiring coincidence.  Andy Schleck and Team Saxo Bank are training in Italy, they too where forced indoors by the weather.

This next weak appears to be rain, rain rain.  Although this does dampen the spirits, I will not be deterred.  There is one week left before I travel home for the MCAT.  I am determined to get the best training possible out of this week.  I want to earn my R&R.

Training shall be based solely on feel,
while racing shall be guided by sensations and instinct.
Cuylar Conly

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