Monday, March 8, 2010

Race Debut

Yesterday I had a decision ahead of me.  I could go to the vets ride for 10am, a little over an hour ride to get there, then ride about 50km sort of like a Tuesday nighter.  Or I could go race the first Spring series Race at 10am, also about an hour ride to get there, then race about 100km.
The goal of either option was to get some racing into the legs.  I decided to opt for the longer event.  I formulated a plan.  I would ride to the race, race, then grab lunch in Langley and ride home.  This was a good plan and was looking even better in the morning when I awoke to a blue bird sky.  I was very excited.

I rolled out just after 8 am and arrived at the race site at about 930ish.  Scoffed some second breakfast, and stowed my pack in the commissar car.  The race started as the sky was clouding up.
There seemed to be three different intentions that ppl had for racing.  Some, like me were there for the training.  Others, like me, where there just because it is a race.  And he March allstars were there looking for results.
A few laps in it began spitting rain.  By mid race It was pouring, and some people were calling it quits.  A couple laps later I was contemplating dropping out.  I was so cold and shivering my bike would shake.  I was here to train not to catch pneumonia.  I decided I would go to the front for some tempo and do one more lap.
riding some tempo helped warm me up and with 40+ km to go I decided to continue one lap at a time until tempo would not keep me warm.
One lap, ok another another really cold and no sign of the two guys up the road.  OK. time to call it a day.  check the lap count 2 laps to go.   Look up the road, Oh there they are. well I might as well finish then.  Coming into the finale, the bunch was together for the sprint.  I crossed fifth I think.  I have not seen any official results.
With no feeling in my extremities I donned a heavy jacket and shivered my way back to fort Langley.  I say shivered because I do believe the convulsions were moving the pedals. There was absolutly no way that I could make it home in my condition.
I stopped at a laundromat, striped down and dropped some coins for the dryer.  I sat there with a news paper wrapped around my waist.  Some people came and went doing their laundry.  You know the situation when you see something and can't help but stare even though you know you shouldn't and you try to hide it.  Well I believe I was the target of said staring.  The weirdest part was that not a single person asked why I was naked, in fact no one said a single word to me, even when I said hello.  I do believe that they simple "didn't want to know".  Ignorance truly is bliss I suppose.

With dry cloths and a lot less nudity.  I crossed the street and had some of the greatest fish and chips ever.  premo anti hypothermia fuel.  I rode out into the rain and off for home.  Once again freezing I drew a hot bath and curled up in blanket for the remainder of the day.

Once I was warm, I contemplated the day.  I came to the conclusion that I was quite satisfied by all elements that where under my control. 

Training shall be based solely on feel,
while racing shall be guided by sensations and instinct.

Cuylar Conly

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  1. This will be an inteesting story to tell in years to come....