Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring series number 2

Another day another race.

After my run in with the car yesterday.  I did not know how my weekend plans would be affected.  I decided to play it all by ear, and to play it conservatively.  I would not be ridding to this race. I would like to give a big thank you to Stuart Lynne for picking me up and driving me to the race.

In the morning my hip and ankle were a little stiff and tender, but with no pain or mobility issues.  I decided to start and see how the joints (hip, ankle, knee) would behave on the bike.  The sensations were good, and improved as the race went on.

Now the racing.  It was pretty aggressive from the start.  In the first lap there was a break of seven established.   The gap grew very fast, the break was clearly a threat, and two riders would survive to the finish line.  The general mood from the field was lazy.  Riders were willing to ride steady and not so willing to gice strong pursuit.

One name noticeable absent from the breakaway was Canadian pro Andrew pinnfold, who races for United Health Care.  Having missed the break Andrew pinnfold went to the front and laid down a smoking pace.  I was feeling no effects of my crash and also looking for a workout.  I joined pinnfold at the front with the intention of getting a workout and to maybe split the field.  The two of us swapped turns, with myself taking the occasional rest when a third or fourth rider was willing to take a pull.  

We were slowly break away group, and putting considerable strain on the rest of the field.  The peleton was shrinking.  Just before the half way point in the race I believe the breakaway group was about a minute ahead.  This is where my race came to an unfortunate end.  At the bottom of the rise to the finish I dropped my chain, then there is a hard right into a cross wind.  I chased for a bit but it was all over for me.

 I do not make excuses.  This is just racing.  In a few more weeks I will be strong enough to catch back on.  I will race again tomorrow.  At the Armstrong race.  I here it has a big hill, so I will be able to test the climbing legs.  I look forward to a good day of hard efforts tomorrow.

Another day another race.

  Training shall be based solely on feel,
while racing shall be guided by sensations and instinct.

Cuylar Conly

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