Saturday, March 27, 2010

I am a mushroom clowd

Today I raced spring series.  Atomic Course. 130km, 13 laps, 3 climbs per lap And like the ghosts of the Manhattan project I have radiation sickness. 
Bottom line, I rode aggressive and it didn't work out.  On the first lap a well represented break of 5 or 6 developed, yet all the big names were still in the main field.  The breakaway was not allowed much lead.  I knew it would not be long before some bridge attempts would escalate the speed again.  I was right and a couple laps later riders began to attack for the chase.

Lap 4 went like this.  The breakaway group is in site not to far up the road.  Jockey for position before the corner.  Descend.  Hard pace up the climb. I will need good positioning.  False flat/crosswind across the plateau.   The field is strung out.  Descend.  There are gaps forming.  This is it, this is the time.  Hard right.  Hill.  Hit it.  This is it going for the bridge.  So far I have done everything right.


I have baggage.  Cyrus (total restoration), and two Garneau riders.  Both teams are represented in the breakaway, so I will receive no help.  That`s ok.  I am closing fast.  Top of climb. closing.  Descend. closing. On the finishing climb.  Within 50 yards.  Cyrus attacks.  I jump after him.  Garneau is gone.  Cyrus is pulling away. NO. no.  I can`t hold the acceleration.  I watch as Cyrus catches the group, and I am totally out of NOS.  I crest the hill and I am losing ground on the breakaway.

I Time Trial for 3 laps before the main pack catches me up.  Enter survival mode for 3 more laps before the core goes critical, and then blam I am blown on the same climb that I attacked on.   Nothing remains of me except a reading on a Geiger counter.

So, what do I have to say about the race today.  The instincts were good.  The legs and the suffer need to go up.  Cyrus did exactly what I would have done, and have done.  The result was obviously disappointing, it is hard mentally.  A blow to the confidence.  I will have to work on some speed, and maybe drink more.

Tomorrow we will race again.  The racing is good, much better than intervals.

Training shall be based solely on feel,
while racing shall be guided by sensations and instinct.

Cuylar Conly

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