Sunday, January 16, 2011

!00th post

Yesterday marked my 100th blog post.  Can you believe it? I did not even realize that I was drawing in on 100 posts.  It crept up on me, as I went about my business it just happened.  Now with 100 posts I think this is getting serious.  My name is Cuylar Conly and I am a Blogger.

I began this blog when I moved away from home to race my bicycle.  At first it was a simple medium of communication.  A way of updating family and friends, but mostly so my mother could sleep at night.  When I started blogging I was a person who was conditioned to despise creative writing and its derivatives.  Years of BSing my way through the English curriculum of our education system had taught me that literary pursuits where not worth my time, nor was I worthy of such pursuits.

Yet now that I am free to write for myself, it seems the more I write the easier it comes to me and the more I enjoy it.  It did not take long before this blog expanded from updates to an outlet of self expression dare I say creativity.  Never in my life did I think that I would say it, but I actually enjoy writing.  I look forward to bringing you updates and often find myself musing over what I ought to write next.

It`s funny really.  I have often attempted to keep a journal.  A practice that proved more futile with each attempt.  So what makes the difference between blogging and journaling.  It is you, the audience.  While a journal is a private endeavor, the blog exists in the world wide web.  Available for all to see.  In some way knowing that someone, somewhere, is reading what I write keeps me coming back and that keeps you coming back.  Without the feedback and encouragement that I have received this blog would not be going wherever it is that it is going.  

With 100
posts behind me, here`s to 100 more to come.

Cuylar Conly


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  1. Cuylar, we read your blog and Jannes and Julia, and love hearing your episodes each day! Keep riding hard and doing the Sask/Canada House proud down there!