Friday, January 14, 2011

Bicycle Stresssssssssssss

Today was supposed to be a low key recovery day.  A day of rest relaxation and leisure.  I had plans to sleep in, clean my bike, hit the pool and grab some coffee, really anything that tickled my fancy.  The day started out great everything going smooth.  I awoke to warm sunshine and went for nice soft pedal down Broadway.  Then everything became a nightmare when I began to clean my bike.

While riding i noticed something not quite right with my rear power-tap hub.  I decided it best to give things a little examination.  When I removed my wheel from my bike, what was supposed to be sealed cartridge bearings spilled out all over the floor.


There is no way that this can be a good thing.  Trust me it is not.  Not only is this a very valuable training tool it is also the only rear wheel that I own.   It is one thing to loose a piece of analytical hardware.  It is far worse to be a cyclist with no wheels.  I frantically gathered all the bits and pieces of the floor.  After an hour of futile attempts to rebuild cartridge bearings I came to my senses and scrambled down to the Local Bike shop to see if anything could be done.

The boys at Fair Wheel Cycle where just what the doctor ordered.  In no time they had the remnants of my hub gutted and new cartridges installed.  I once again had a whole bicycle to ride.  I felt saved, an relieved like I could finally relax.  Unfortunately, and this is incredibly disappointing, although I once again have functional rear wheel it seems that the electronics of the power tap have been compromised.

You may very well imagine what a let down I had when I re-installed the wheel.  After feeling as if the world would keep turning as normal I am hit again with a critical equipment failure.  I cannot help but feel robbed. Robbed by whom I do not know, some cruel twist of fate I suppose.  It seems now that I have a very heavy, expensive, uninformative rear wheel.  But at least it spins.

RIp - power tap, a valued training partner.

Cuylar Conly

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