Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Velo Groceries

The next time that you need to run errands or buy groceries consider doing it by bicycle.  I tell you it really does improve the entire experience.  Using your bicycle for errands will make you more organized and efficient, save you money and drop you a few pounds.  It is not at all inconvenient.  Quite the opposite really.  With just a little motivation a few chores becomes an enjoyable afternoon activity.  All you need is your bicycle, an appropriate bag, a lock and a plan.

Today I did all my shopping from my bicycle.  I had several stops to make and bought everything I needed and nothing that I did not.  The whole process took me only about an hour from the time I left home until I returned.  Shopping by bicycle is incredibly efficient because you are limited by how much you can carry.  This means that before you leave you know just what you need and you don`t have room for any unnecessary temptations.  You know exactly where you are going and in what order because no one wants to haul around all their stuff for longer than necessary.  So you are very time efficient.  In and out with what you need in a continuous circuit about town.

Did I mention it saves you money.  Oh well of course.  Not only are you not driving some gas guzzling SUV.  You also shop for only what you can carry.  This means no extras, no impulse buys.  Yes you are getting exercise but I doubt if you want to haul 1lb of milk duds home.  Sure you may have to by groceries more than once per month with this method but that guarantees the presence of fresh foods in your kitchen.  Believe me fresh is where its at.  Way more flavor and no nasty chemicals.

Did I mention tat you are not driving.  Traffic sucks, grid-lock and road rage.  Its nothing but stress.  Hello exercise induced endorphin high.  Not only are earning that pack of chocolate almonds, you can also get off the concrete wasteland.  I don`t think anyone has ever admired the beauty of the freeway.  When shopping by bike you get all the cool short cuts.  Through the parks and along the river rather then some gray tinged auto-pipeline.  Nine times out of Ten going by bicycle will be just as fast or faster than driving around and finding parking.  Once you are in exercise mode, your subconscious will direct you to consider the quality of what you purchase.  You already made one healthy choice, to ride your bike, and this will continue through your shopping.

So lets see.  Save time.  Save money.  Exercise.  Eat delicious healthy food.  Enjoy yourself.  The bicycle is the life.

Training shall be based solely on feel,
while racing shall be guided by sensations and instinct.

Cuylar Conly

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