Sunday, January 23, 2011

Down Time

Twenty plus hours of weekly saddle time is considered by many to be quite allot.  As an elite cyclist, this is pretty much a standard week for me.  Now 20, even 30 hours per week just doesn`t seem to stack up to the typical 9-5.  Does it? 

I am well aware that those of you living in the "real world" feel that I must have tons of time on my hands.  Just the other day a good friend asked, "How is your holiday in Arizona? What have you done? What have you seen?"  Well, I have been training lots, every day.  My answer was a simple one, but clearly unsatisfactory.  My friend presented more specifically.  "Yes, of course.  But aside from that hows the vacation?"  I didn't quite know what to say.  I am down here training.  I'm not some kind of tourist, but perhaps this needs explaining.

Training is far more than just time spent on the bike.  Don't get me wrong you can't race a bike without riding one.  Its just that my actual "down time" is less than one might expect when I say I am riding less than 30hours a week.  You see, when I am not out riding, it seems there is always something that needs doing.  If I am not cleaning up my bike and gear from the previous ride then I am preparing it all for the next one.  There is also time taken every day for a proper stretch and core.  Then there is all the typical duties associated with running a life and a house.  Which my mother will insist I am not capable of, but I assure you they get done.

In my estimate there is a nearly equal amount of time spent off the bike as on.  I suppose that this is why cycling is referred to as a lifestyle.  My life consists of preparing to train, training and recovering from training.  This is just how it is meant to be.  I'm just like any other hard-working bloke.  The difference is, what I'm doing never feels like work.  I just love it too damn much.

Training shall be based solely on feel,
while racing shall be guided by sensations and instinct.

Cuylar Conly (not a tourist)

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