Saturday, January 15, 2011

Coffee... Yes please

This post is dedicated to the coffee shop.  More importantly our choice Tucson Coffee Hang out.

Believe it or not I am not a morning coffee hound.  I have no need for that java jolt to get me functioning in the am.  Rather I enjoy coffee as a delicious drink and the perfect excuse to chill out for ten minutes, socialize and it in the sun.  I drink coffee for enjoyment not stimulation and therefore it is very important that it is quality.  Sorry Starbucks/Tim Hortons you don't make the cut.  I prefer to be served by a barrister who considers it an art not a recipe.

Thankfully Julia Garnett is a veteran of Winter Tucson training and was quick to take us to the choice cafe known as Le Buzz.  We all know that caramel, foam and cream taste good so the best way to test the quality of coffee from a bistro is the pure espresso. No milk, sugar or froth.  Just coffee and nine bars of steam.  I am pleased to say that Le Buzz passed. 

We have since frequented their patio with and with out bicycles.  The location could not be more convenient.  Only four miles from our apartment, 3 miles from the base of Mount Lemmon, and next door to the Safeway Grocery Store.  It seems we can always find an excuse for Le Buzz.  Today was no exception.

Everyone in the household had business to attend to on the slopes of Mount Lemon.  The four of us rolled to the base together, the climb and our respective agendas took care of the rest.  I puckered up and hit some lemon drops.  I linked up with Julia Garnett on the way back down and we rolled in to finish the day at Le Buzz. 

This place has what ever IT is.

Julia not pleased with post climb photo shoot.

And of course, Espresso and a Sweetie.  I earned it.

Training shall be based solely on feel,
while racing shall be guided by sensations and instinct.

Cuylar Conly

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