Sunday, February 27, 2011

One Random Thought Deserves Another

Last year I was living on the West Coast.  It seemed no matter where I went the rain would follow.  Apparently even after crossing the entire continent to one of the driest locations in North America the rain has finally caught up to me.  You guessed it.  Its raining in Tucson.

I could hear it last night.  I needed a moment to recognize the sound since I have not heard or expected rain for quite some time.  It came down good in the night and was still going when I got up this morning.  Thankfully I had no plans for a big day in the saddle.  With the comfort of knowing I could wait around for the driest and warmest part of the day there was absolutely no stress.  I can even say that the rain was refreshing.

Out of nowhere I got super motivated to do some thorough house cleaning.  Well the motivation is not entirely unknown.  We need this place clean before we move out, but the amount of motivation summoned was considerably more than expected.  I hit the kitchen and I hit the bathroom.  Two things stick in my mind as noteworthy.  First auto clean ovens are the shit!  I just hit go, and 3hours at 900F later and the oven is spotless except for a small pile of dust.  Second I think that the bathroom needed a barber more than it needed a maid.  Gross!

Coffee.  This day was made for coffee.  There was just enough sun peaking through to keep you cheery, a pleasant off and on rain, and an ambient temperature just cool enough to see your breath.  This gave the perfect excuse to slow down with a few cups of coffee.  One in the morning while I contemplate breakfast.  Another before I tackle the chores.  One more in the afternoon with my bike and a skype-phone.

Turkish Coffee.  I have been looking forward to this for a few days.  For most of my time in Tucson I have been getting my cup-on at Le Buzz.  They are good, excellent even.  In fact Le Buzz is the number three ranked coffee shop in all of Tucson.  Upon learning this several weeks ago I became curious.  I sought after the #1 ranked coffee shop.  Lo, it is 25min easy ride from my apartment.  Savaya Coffee.

Savaya Coffee is the best coffee I have ever had.  With limited experience that may not hold much weight, but I feel my bar has now been set very high.  Savaya is 100% organic, fair trade, and they only serve daily in house roasts.  Their selection is exclusive, but still covers all corners of the globe.  They know coffee and they want you to enjoy it.  This is my choice location.

Turkish Coffee.  Savaya's menu is simple just coffee, any kind anyway you like it.  The big chalk board said Turkish coffee well that peaked my interest.  Last year my Dad went to Isreal, he cam home talking of Turkish coffee and pronounced the best brewing method he has ever had.  I have never known any coffee shop to serve Turkish coffee so I promised myself I would have one before I leave Tucson.  Savaya did not disappoint.  They say Turkish is an acquired taste but I only needed one cup.  Dad was right.  The Turks make good coffee, I need to learn this one at home.

There is an unmistakable sense of things winding down here.  Evan is leaving tonight, he will shuttle to phoenix and then fly to Toronto.  My mind swirls around with all the details of the trip home.  Travel plans and packing and the pile of little jobs to do before moving out.  The return trip is in three days.  It seems so far but approaching so fast.  I'm going to ride my bike a few more times and stop for a cup at Savaya.

Training shall be based solely on feel,
while racing shall be guided by sensations and instinct.

Cuylar Conly

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